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Ninja Teaboy

The No-Woobie Zone

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This community was created to fill a void within the Torchwood fandom, and is aimed at exploring and celebrating the character of Ianto Jones, as he is shown on screen, i.e. competent, intelligent, sarcastic, a bit kinky, emotionally reserved, perhaps slightly anally retentive, funny, strong, loyal and all those other things we have seen him be. It is a place where fans can hide from the fannish perception and portrayal of Ianto Jones as some sort of crying teenage girl with self-esteem issues and a diary filled with love hearts. We love our canon!Ianto, and our canon Ianto headbuts people and tasers them in the brain.
This community is dedicated to all things Ianto Jones and welcomes fic, fic recs, meta and discussions, picspams, icons, lolcat macros, vids and anything else anyone fancies bringing to the party. Except manips, I bloody hate manips. Unless they involve unicorns.

Please check out our TAG LIST and use relevant tags on all your entries to this community.

Do not enforce your own font face, size or colour on the readership of this community. If your fic is good enough, your summary eloquent enough, if the thoughts of your post are worthy enough of discussion, it WILL be read and commented upon. Don't advertise it with big pink blinky comic sans, because I'll delete it as soon as it sets foot on the page.

THERE ARE NO SPOILER CUTS IN THIS COMMUNITY, as I have no desire or time to police them. If there are bits of Torchwood, including Children of Earth, or Doctor Who that you haven't seen, I suggest you go and watch them.

RPF/S is not allowed, this is a community for a fictional character, and not the actor portraying him. Discussion of Gareth David-Lloyd is welcome if it's pertaining to his depiction of the character, but if you have an opinion about his buttony nose or don't like his girlfriend, take it somewhere else. Discussion of real people's private lives will not be tolerated.


All fics in this community should feature Ianto Jones in some way, not necessarily in a starring role, but as more than just the Torchwood teaboy. Our aim is to weed out the out-of-character depiction of Ianto as the helpless victim, overly emotional teenage girl, clingy, jealous wife, or ever-grateful bottom to Jack's top that has become so pervasive in this fandom. Out-of-character feminised and/or infantilised portrayals of Ianto Jones WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If you like those sorts of things, good for you, I'm sure there are plenty of communities where your fic will be more than welcome.

All pairings are welcome here, as are all ratings, please give a minimum of:
for all fics posted, tag all fics with the FIC tag and place all fics behind an lj-cut. As mentioned in the community guidelines, do not enforce your own font styles in your fic headers. Fic headers with banners, images or font declarations will be removed without warning.

A note on "warnings:" M/M SEX DOES NOT WARRANT A "WARNING". WARNING FOR M/M SEX IN THE "WARNING" SECTION OF YOUR FIC HEADER IS REALLY QUITE OFFENSIVE. DO IT IN THIS COMMUNITY AND YOUR FIC WILL BE REMOVED. Your rating adequately explains whether or not there is sex, your pairing tells us what genitalia are involved, end of story. Please do warn for consent issues, abuse, violence, death and anything else you may think is triggery to some people. Nonconsent fics will be scrutinised very carefully and may be removed by the mod.

Both of those things are more than welcome here, in fact, are actively encouraged. The slant of this community DOES NOT rule out submissive/bottom!Ianto fics in any way, but BDSM, and specifically D/s fic that automatically associates submission with victimisation will not be tolerated, and neither will any nonconsensual BDSM. Please do give appropriate genre warnings for BDSM and kinks, so people can skip it if it's not their cup of tea.

Character bashing fics will be deleted.

Fic writers are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to have their fics beta-read. Beta readers are not hard to find, check out the Torchwood Writer's Union for beta readers and helpful fic writing advice.

As has been made clear, if your fic doesn't, in my opinion, meet the community guidelines, it will be deleted. I will endeavour to contact any authors whose fic is removed to explain why, but if your fic is grossly out-of-character or contains appalling spelling and grammar mistakes, then you can be assured it will be removed. Feel free to contact tencrush via LJ private messaging if you need any input or have any questions about fics you have posted or want to post.