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Death God Ianto? Or something like that?

So I was reading Tardis's entry on the Risen Mitten, when I was obviously like "Oh hell yeah!" when I got to this part;

Strangely while the glove was hostile with most, it was calm with Ianto and disturbingly seem to sit in his hands rather than being held by him. Whether this was just a glitch, the glove playing innocent, or something else, it remains to be seen. (spelling errors corrected, yee gods, that part of the entry was full of spelling error)

Oh ho ho, fic, please!

Or heck, at the very least, I want to see Endless's Death/Ianto.

Though Death!Ianto/Jack would be the most beautiful thing of them all.
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CoE: Day Five - Wrist strap Query

I'm posting this here as I can be sure of a sensible(ish) answer.

IN the final few seconds of Day Five, when Jack works his magic fingers on his recently returned wrist strap, is he signalling for the cold fusion carrier to pick him up, or teleporting himself there?

I've wiped CoE from my HDD, and haven't bought the DVD yet.

The reason I ask is:

If he teleported himself off Earth, why the blinking blazes didn't he teleport himself out of the Hub before the ticky ticky bomb bomb went off?
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The Sacred Band of Torchwood

Hello all,

This is my first post and I offer you Meta!

As I was visiting my fic communities yesterday, someone in the jackxianto community shared a quote that made 'em think of Jack and Ianto.

The quote is this:
"I Want Him To Come Up Behind Me And Wrap His Arms Around My Waist To Catch Me Off Guard And Whisper" I Love You".

I couldn't help it.
I gagged.
I back buttoned and had to read a fic in which the Jack and Ianto behaved like... well, like I think they behave on the show - I really recommend Pizza Mouth by cyus as a slice (haha) of "real life" boys hanging out together, but are also sexual with each other. It's all so very dirty.

The fic made me feel better.

That quote is so anathema to the way I perceive Jack and Ianto's relationship that I cannot imagine how anyone would consider this appropriate for their dynamic.

I think the pictures of Jack and Ianto that floated around the Interwebs in the year following the end of the second season and promoting Children of Earth gave fans the wrong idea regarding the relationship.

Is there love there? No doubt. After CoE you'd have to be utterly clueless in order to ignore the depth of feeling between the two men. The gravity between then is possibly the best ever portrayed between two men on screen - yes, more than Queer as Folk, more than Brokeback Mountain and more than the latent homoeroticism found in various war movies in which one kills people instead of making love to your fox-hole buddy.

Which brings me to my point.
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Non-fic post: Things I hate about some Ianto/Jack fics

 (Please note that I am not bashing the Ianto/Jack pairing or Ianto/Jack fics in general; there are several excellent fics out there that I've really enjoyed)

For the last few months, I have managed to avoid reading those Ianto/Jack fics that annoy me, but yesterday I slipped up and read TWO fics that ruined my mood. When will I ever learn?! I needed to vent, so I made a little list of some of the themes that irritate me in Ianto/Jack fics.

Here at my journal.

Ianto Jones: Man of Mystery

Howdy folks :) I just recently rewatched season one of Torchwood, and throughout I realized just how little we know about Ianto Jones. With that in mind, I wrote up a bit of an "essay" type thing about what we do know about him as well as what we don't, and I thought I'd post it and see what other people thought.

What we know about Ianto (Not Much):

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Hello all. That was easy, getting you all in here like that. I guess there really was an acute need for this community.

Let me just briefly explain where this came from, I hurt myself the other day, dislocated my shoulder in a teaboy style, except with added ambulances and morphine and real crying, and because I'm not particularly mobile at the moment, I was momentarily tempted to do some sort of statistical research on Jack/Ianto fics to find out the ratio of Jack versus Ianto when it came to who was on the receiving end of the huge amount of slightly overly-romanticised anal sex they're always having. I wisely decided not to, as I figured it would be a thoroughly depressing exercise in which I would conclude that fandom has twisted Ianto's canonically reasonably kickarse and dominant personality into some sort of self-insert Mary Sue-esque, womanly, crying vessel-for-Jack's-cock. The added observation by one of my friends that there is an overabundance of MPREG in Jack/Ianto fic which for some reason very often features Ianto getting pregnant through various complicated plot devices, despite the fact that Jack is the one who is canonically able to get pregnant, finally convinced me that a large part of fandom seems to be obsessed with finding ever more convoluted ways of turning Ianto Jones into Jack's subservient and over-feminised wife. Well, those parts of fandom can fuck right off out of here, as far as I'm concerned.

And in order to prove my point about Ianto's canonical dominant traits, I'm reposting, for your delectation, the thing now popularly known as my cockspam (originally posted here), even though everybody's seen it already. I feel it belongs in this community regardless, just for completion's sake.

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